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Beckenham Theatre presents its 2019 Pantomime! – Booking Now


by Jack Northcott | directed by Mike Darbon

Performance dates

From Sunday, 15th December 2019 – Wednesday, 1st January 2020

Christmas Break between Saturday, 21st December – Thursday, 26th December 2019

Matinee performances at 3pm:

Sunday, 15th December, Saturday, 28th December, Sunday, 29th December, Tuesday, 31st December, Wednesday, 1st January

Evening performances at 7.30pm:

Monday, 16th December – Friday, 20th December, Friday, 27th December, Monday, 30th December

Aladdin, a poor boy from old Beijing, dreams of a time when he could meet Princess Jasmine and has his chance when the Emperor and Empress order that he becomes a cleaner at the Royal Palace if his family is to remain in their home. Meanwhile, the evil Egyptian sorcerer Abanaza has other plans for Aladdin and tricks him into opening the Cave of Wonders. Luckily, Aladdin has Su Shi, the Spirit of the Ring, to guide him and the Genie of the Lamp to help him win Princess Jasmine’s love and defeat Abanaza, his hopeless assistant, Tutankhamun and his Mummy.

With hilarious comedy from Widow Twankey, her streetwise other son, Wishee Washee, Fu Fu the kung-fu panda, Hong, Kong and Phooey, the inept Peking Policemen, plus lots of support from a very lively chorus, this very modern Aladdin will provide huge amounts of fun for audiences of all ages!


  • Aladdin: Yasmin Riggs
  • Widow Twankey: Chris Raven
  • Wishee Washee: Lauren Wilks
  • Fu Fu, the Panda: Hannah Rutherford
  • Emperor Sing Lo: Paul Green
  • Empress Sing Hi: Alison Driscoll
  • Princess Jasmine: Katherine Creasy
  • So Shy: Monica Rutherford
  • Hong: Nicole Wood
  • Kong: Jonathan Ellis
  • Phooey: Sam Blake
  • Genie Gan Nam, Genie of the lamp: Shauna Fletcher
  • Su Shi, Spirit of the ring: Claire-Louise Molony
  • Abanaza: James Ward
  • Tutankhamun: James Riley
  • Mummy: Cathy Diver
  • Chorus of Residents of Old Peking, Servants at the Palace, Palace Guards, Cave Dwellers and Ancient Egyptian Dancers: Alfie Berry, Ava-Grace Britton, Cathy Diver, Tom Dixon, Sofia Lowey, Izabella McAdam, Edward Molony, Emily Raven-Shorey