Beatties winners announced!

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After an extended season running from August 2015 through to December 2016, The Beatties Awards took place on Saturday 28 January 2017.

Members and audience members voted in 16 categories, from Best Actor and Actress, to Set Design and Weekend Spot Performer. The winners were…

1. Best Production
□ Equus

2. Best Director
□ Fiona Vail (Equus)
□ Mike Darbon (Babes in the Wood)

3. Best Actor
□ James Ward (Sheriff of Nottingham, Babes in the Wood)

4. Best Actress
□ Emma Sweeney (Kate, Breathing Corpses)

5. Best Supporting Actor
□ James Riley (Block, Babes in the Wood)

6. Best Supporting Actress
□ Zoe Farrow (The Fairy, Babes in the Wood)

7. Best Actor in a Minor Role
□ Daniel Goad (Voice of the Mirror, Snow White)

8. Best Under 21 Actress in an Adult Production
□ Lauren Poltera (Summer, The Last of the Haussmans)

9. Best Under 21 Actor in an Adult Production
□ Oliver Farrell (Dave Knave, Babes in the Wood)

10. Best Actor in a Youth Production
□ Oliver Farrell (Alan Strang, Equus)

11. Best Actress in a Youth Production
□ Fifi Benham (Dr Dysart, Equus)

12. Best Newcomer
□ Zoe Farrow (Fairy, Babes in the Wood)

13. Best Under 21 Newcomer
□ Henry Seamons (Revue Twenty Sixteen)

14. Best Technical Support
□ Babes in the Wood

15. Best Set Design
□ Babes in the Wood

16. Best Performer in a Weekend Spot
□ Emma Berryman

There were two further awards made on the evening. The first was the Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Contribution, which was given to Andrew and Joyce Garton, for exemplary work behind the scenes.

The second was for the Youngest Performer Nominated for a Beattie, which went to:
□ Cooper Berryman (Revue Twenty Sixteen)