Bell, Book & Candle

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Performance Dates: Monday 20 – Saturday 25 March 2017 | written by John Van Druten | directed by Malcolm Jones | part of the Bromley Theatre Guild Festival

Bell, Book & Candle was performed to packed houses at Beckenham Theatre from 20-25 March 2017. With a mixture of experienced actors and new faces, the play showed the quirky beginnings of what went on to be TV series Bewitched. With positive comments from the Bromley Theatre Guild adjudicator, this production was widely praised for highlighting true community theatre at its best. 

John Van Druten’s romantic comedy was a successful stage play in New York and London with Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer before later becoming a film with James Stewart and Kim Novak.

Anthony Henderson has the right job. He is engaged to the right girl. Everything in his life is, in fact, right on schedule. Until the night he meets Gillian Holroyd, a smart and attractive witch and things go comically wrong. Gillian falls in love with him. But witches, unfortunately, cannot fall in love with mortals. So Gillian has to choose between her supernatural powers and her witchy companions and a human love.