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by Nick Payne | Directed by Colleen Batson | By arrangement with the Curtis Brown Group Ltd.


Performance dates Wednesday 08 August – Saturday 11 August @ 8.00pm


How do we know if we have taken the right path to a successful relationship?

Nick Payne’s play examines the what-if, the possibility that there are many ways to reach happiness. We have to operate in a world where there are opportunities to find new routes, and discover that we do not have the ability to determine what might happen next – what if things do not work out as planned, do we have resources to deal with the trials and disappointments life may throw at us?

Through debates on cosmology, bees and multiple universes, Marianne and Roland work through the beginning and duration of a relationship.  The play was initially seen at the Royal Court in 2012, winning best play at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards, it was an immediate success which was translated onto Broadway in 2015.

“For all its teasing razzle-dazzle, though, it is the human warmth of the writing and acting that ensures the play never slides into tricksiness.” – The Guardian

“In this clever, eloquent and moving story, Roland and Marianne’s romance plays out over a myriad of possible lifetimes, capturing the extraordinary richness of being alive in the universe”  – Steppenwolf Theatre

The play is clever, funny, with heart.