BTC Zoom Socials and Play Readings

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Due to popular demand, Phil Cohen has agreed to keep our Friday night Zoom socials and our monthly Zoom play readings going throughout 2021 for as long as people want and need them.

The play readings, in particular, have proved to be extremely popular and are often oversubscribed with potential readers so do log your interest with Phil early if you wish to take part, though everyone is welcome to attend as the readings work even better with a virtual audience!

Phil has selected from a wide range of plays and genres since the readings started from writers as celebrated and diverse as Agatha Christie, Arthur Miller, Neil Simon and Noel Coward. Looking ahead, he has plays by Arnold Wesker, Bernard Pomerance. Sue Townsend and Harold Brighouse lined up. Drop Phil a line at if you are interested in being involved. The next reading is scheduled for Wednesday, 3rd March at 8 pm.

Phil usually announces the readings on BTC’s Facebook page a few days in advance and, if time, we try and publish these on the website as well to give readers the maximum amount of time to register their interest and to be sent a script, so please keep an eye on both Facebook and the website for these announcements. You don’t have to be a member of the theatre to join in but it does help to subscribe to our Facebook page which is where you will get the most information.

Meanwhile, our Friday night socials are – like our bar when it was open – frequented by a group of regulars who enjoy each other’s company and conversation over a couple of glasses of wine and a packet or two of crisps or peanuts. However, cosy this might seem (and we have one member who regularly joins us whilst eating his breakfast in New Zealand!), Phil would love to have more BTC members come along and join in as it’s a great way to keep up with all of you and how you’ve been keeping during the pandemic. We’ve reached the stage where most of us can now talk about our vaccinations and whether you’re Pfizer Person or an AstraZeneca so – if you have time spare on a Friday night and think you can miss an episode of A Question of Sport, for once, then do come along – Phil will be more than happy to send you the Zoom log-in details and promises you’ll be done in time to catch Graham Norton and his guests before you go to bed!