Our Man

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Beckenham Youth Theatre presents

Our Man

by Daniel Clucas | directed by Emma Berryman | by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.


Performance dates

Monday, 22nd October – Saturday, 27th October 2018, 8.00pm


‘Our Man’ of the title is a soldier. He gets up, has breakfast and embarks on his mission.

That’s it! Very straight, very simple, very uninteresting!

What makes the play interesting is that ‘Our Man’ is actually being controlled by six people living inside his head. We see all the events from the perspective of these six characters in the control room. How he fights off the distractions of fear, hunger, exhaustion and homesickness, in an effort to stay alive. We witness all the problems faced by the control team, including all the arguments, all the accidents and all the misunderstandings between them in their running of this “lethal fighting machine”.


  • Bayley Berryman – SIR
  • George Farrell – NOSE
  • Libby Hyde – PHONES
  • Monica Rutherford – EARS
  • Henry Seamons – MOUTH
  • Talycin Wade – EYES