Our Day Out – Auditions

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Book by Willy Russell

Songs and Music by Bob Eaton, Chris Mellor & Willy Russell

Directed by Louise Garraway


Please only audition if you can attend all performances

Audition Dates:

Saturday 22nd and Saturday 29th February at 2 pm

Thursday 27th February at 6.30 pm

Rehearsals Days:

Saturdays from 2 pm until 4 pm (5 pm in May)

Sundays from 10 am until 12 noon (1 pm in May)

Some Thursday rehearsals may be called for older members of the cast, from 6.30-8 pm


First rehearsal on Saturday 14th March.

Dress rehearsal on Sunday 24th May.

Performance Dates:

Tuesday 26th – Saturday 30th May at 7.30 pm.

Saturday 30th May at 3 pm.


When Mrs Kay’s ‘Progress Class’ are unleashed for a day’s coach trip, it is an exuberant celebration of the joys and agonies of growing up and being footloose, fourteen and free from school. But this is more than a romp – it points up the depressing present and empty future for these children who’ve already been written off, for whom a day out is as much as they can expect.



Mrs Kay* (main) – a kind, liberal teacher who loves her pupils.

Mr Briggs* (main) – strict disciplinarian. Cannot abide chaos and disorganisation.

Colin* (medium) – young teacher. Dating Susan. Easily embarrassed.

Susan* (medium) – young teacher. Dating Colin. Not easily intimidated.

Headmaster (minor) – stuffy and old-fashioned.

Les (minor) – partially sighted lollipop man.

Bus driver* (medium) – tough exterior with a heart of gold.

Cafe owner (minor) – greedy and dislikes kids.

Zookeeper (minor) – understandably grumpy.

Carol* (main) – young girl, dreamy and often in a world of her own.

Reilly (medium) – an older boy with a crush on Susan. Coolest kid on the bus.

Digga (minor) – Reilly’s sidekick.

Linda* (medium) – an older girl with a crush on Colin. Full of attitude.

Jackie* (minor) – Linda’s best mate.

Bored girls* (medium) – always bored.

Kids – full of energy and cheek – and loving their day out!

* sings solo. All cast sing chorus numbers.

Some parts may be doubled.

For further details, please contact Louise Garraway on 07515 776618.