The Heiress

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The Heiress

By Ruth and Augustus Goetz | Based on the novella, Washington Square, by Henry James | Directed by Fleur Buckley

Performance Dates:

  • Tuesday, 7th – Saturday, 11th April 2020

The heiress will be Beckenham Theatre’s entry into the 2020 Bromley Theatre Guild Festival

Set in 1850’s New York, The Heiress is a powerful poignant drama telling the tale of Dr Soper, an eminent physician, and his daughter, Catherine, a shy, awkward girl.    Her father has still not got over the loss of his wife, who died in childbirth, and tries to mould Catherine into her own image but she is incapable of being the vibrant, glamorous woman that her mother was.

However, Catherine is due to inherit a large fortune and soon a handsome, young suitor, Morris Townsend,  arrives to court her.  She falls for his many charms but her father is convinced he is only after her money and takes her abroad for six months in the hope she will forget him. However, they resume their courtship on her return and Dr Soper threatens to cut off her inheritance if she marries him.  They plan to secretly elope with the help of her Aunt Lavinia…

The Heiress is a beautifully written portrayal of a lonely girl torn between her duty to her domineering father and her love for the feckless but dashing, suitor.


  • Dr Austin Sloper………Chris Cullen
  • Catherine Sloper………Alice Foster
  • Morris Townsend……Ben Robinson
  • Mrs Lavinia Penniman…….Karen Peters-Parker
  • Mrs Elizabeth Almond…..Clare Spencer
  • Marion Almond……Ami Williamson
  • Mrs Montgomery……Debbie Hedges
  • Arthur Townsend…..Andrew Blake
  • Maria, the Maid……Fleur Buckley