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by Nina Raine | directed by Kyle Cluett | Kent Drama Association Full-Length Play Festival Entry 2018

Performance dates: Monday 30 April – Saturday 5 May 2018 @8:00pm


Christopher – Chris Raven

Beth – Sue Williams

Daniel – Mike Azzopardi

Ruth – Jessica Cairns

Billy – Jacob McCloskey

Sylvia – Philly Spurr

Tribes by Nina Raine is a drama with elements of comedy throughout and was first performed in Royal Court, London in 2010. Tribes studies the use of language and how essential it is in the many different ways that people use language to communicate and rely on.

The play concerns Billy, the only deaf member in a hearing family who has been denied to learn sign language by his parents. Having recently graduated from university Billy returns home to London to his loving, yet typically dysfunctional family. Like any family they have their own private language, jokes and rules. Billy’s parents Christopher and Beth, alongside his siblings Daniel and Ruth, are loud and strongly opinionated people with an array of clashing personalities. Billy’s world is opened-up when Sylvia, a hearing woman from a deaf family, he realises how sheltered and restricted his life has been. Sylvia teaches Billy sign language and introduces him to the deaf community he was not allowed to be a part of. Billy then struggles with his own identity and the meaning of belonging, community and family.