Extraordinary General Meeting

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Dear Members

The Trustees ask you to attend to an urgent and important Extraordinary General Meeting via Zoom regarding the future of Beckenham Theatre.

As you will know, due to issues with the building, the freehold of 46, Bromley Road was sold to Belmont Estates in September 2021.

This leaves us with the decision as to how we proceed with the assets of this sale.

In 2019 the members passed a resolution that added an amendment to Clause 8 of our constitution that, in the event of this happening, the members unanimously voted that

  1. Subject to final approval by the Charity Commission, to amend Clause 8 of our Memorandum so that in the event of the Theatre having to close, and the freehold being sold, we preserve our net assets by converting to a charitable trust, authorised to distribute up to 5% of its assets per annum towards educational theatre.

We are now in a position where we need to engage with this resolution.

The Trustees, under advice from the Charities Commission, propose to change the structure of Beckenham Theatre Centre from a Charitable Company to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation Foundation Model.

This will mean we become a Charitable Trust to support local arts and community groups which was felt to be a suitable legacy to the Founders of Beckenham Theatre.

We need an EGM for members to approve this change therefore we have called the Extraordinary General Meeting on Tuesday 9 November at 8.00 pm to enable us to progress the resolution above. To convert the present Registered Charity to a CEO Foundation Trust.

The points requiring members to vote are:

  1.  To proceed with the conversion of Beckenham Theatre from a Charitable Company to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation Foundation Model. (This will create the Charitable Trust structure voted on above which will create the legacy previously discussed in 2019 which means  that BTC will be able to enable and support community arts projects, which might otherwise not be able to take place)
  2. To approve a transfer of £35,000, the assets of the Charity prior to the sale of the freehold, to a new Society called Beckenham Theatre Company to allow for the Adult and Children’s and Youth Theatre to continue to offer the opportunities for participation that have existed in the past.

It is vital we get enough members at the meeting to allow us to keep the ethos of Beckenham Theatre alive and going forward in this new structure.

Many thanks for your support

Malcolm Jones (Chair) & Trustees, Beckenham Theatre                                 6th October 2021