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by Dawn King

Directed by Lorraine Spenceley

Audition dates:

  • Tuesday 24th March 2020 8.00 pm,
  • Sunday 29th March 2020 7.00 pm

Performance dates:

  • Tuesday 14th – Saturday 18th July 2020, 8.00 pm

Please only audition if you can attend all the performances

In the not too distance future, an ecological disaster has plunged England into a second dark age. The constant rain has caused the crops to fail, famine to spread across the land and an authoritarian regime has risen to power.  England is on the brink of disaster.  The fox has become the enemy of mankind, with power to contaminate farms, influence the weather, unsettle the mind and kill children.

William Bloor has been raised from childhood to be a Foxfinder.  His duty is to investigate reports of foxes then eliminate them.  The farming couple, Samuel and Judith Covey, who are grieving the death of their son and worried by failing crops, find themselves under investigation from the Foxfinder.  Sarah Box, Samuel and Judith Covey’s neighbour, is under investigation for failing to fulfil the crop quota.  No one is above suspicion.  Failure to conform will result in punishment.

Foxfinder is a parable for the irrational search for scapegoats to explain the ills that haunt mankind.  Power in the wrong hands destroys abuses and corrupts.


William Bloor – The Foxfinder – 19 years old, can be older but must look younger

Samuel Covey – 25 -35 years old, a farmer of solid stock

Judith Covey – Samuel’s wife, 25 -35 years old

Sarah Box – the Covey’s neighbour, 35 years +

The character ages are approximate; the director is willing to be flexible

For further information or audition pieces please contact the director:

Lorraine Spenceley, Director  

020 8778 8869 or 07890 303159