Front Of House & Bar Duties

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Front of House Procedure

Part 1

Shows normally start at 8:00pm, so you should arrive at about 7:15 – 7:20pm. Lorna runs the Box Office so she will be at the door to sell and issue the tickets.

Your role is to greet patrons, sell programmes, direct non- members to sign the visitors book on the shelf opposite, and direct them to the bar, toilets, etc.

When everyone has arrived, the director or stage manager will alert you to tell the audience to go into the auditorium. Remind them that if they are taking drinks in with them, they must use plastic glasses.

When everyone is seated, welcome them to BTC, tonight’s performance of ………………………………. Advise them that photos are not allowed, then ask them to switch off their mobile phones and enjoy the show.

Then close the double doors and switch off the hall light (first on left by front door). The other hall light will be switched off from the lighting box. Also ensure that the front door and fire door to the garden are shut.

If anyone turns up late, they may be able to sit on the end of a row, otherwise they will have to wait until the second half to see the show. The show will be seen on the television screen in the bar, so you will be able to tell when the first half finishes.

Part 2

Set out the cups saucers and mugs for the tea and coffee at the interval. Also sugar, milk and biscuits.

Get some small change from the bar.

Fill up both kettles ready for the interval.

The stage manager will alert you five minutes before the interval, at which point you should switch on the kettles.

At the end of the interval, the stage manager will tell you to ask the audience to return to the auditorium. Remind them about plastic glasses, and also remind them to switch off mobile phones again. Repeat closing doors and lights off.

Part 3

Load any cups, glasses etc into dish washer. If it is full, switch it on. Dishwasher tablets are in a box under the sink. Switch on, then press start – Flashing light should go red.

Wipe down worktops and set up for tomorrow’s performance. If it is the last night, put everything away in the cupboards. If you are staying till the end of the show, the stage manager will tell you when to open the doors to let everyone out of the auditorium. Then put on the hall light and open the front door for people to leave.

Your duties for the evening are now finished.

Fire Alarm

Please familiarise yourself with the fire exits, and in the event of a fire, direct people to go through the front doors and congregate in the front garden.

Bar Duties

  • Unlock cage
  • Check enough stock in the fridge
  • Fill Ice Bucket from trays in the freezer
  • Refill trays and put back to freeze for later
  • See price list beside fridge
  • Glasses under counter
  • Optics on back wall
  • Crisps, etc, on shelf
  • Money should be put straight into till
  • When audience goes in for first half of the show, remind them to use plastic glasses.
  • Clear up around the bar and put glasses in the dishwasher.
  • Towards the interval, prepare any pre-paid interval drink orders and leave them on the counter (not too early in case they get warm)
  • After interval, wipe down counter, collect glasses and load the dishwasher. Also restock the fridge.
  • At end of show, continue serving drinks as before. It has been proposed that the bar will close at 11pm, this will be confirmed and a notice displayed.
  • Towards the end of your shift, count the takings in the till, leaving £50 in smaller notes and the change. Ask one of the Trustees to check the takings. Put the money in one of the envelopes beside the till, sign and date, then get the Trustee to countersign. Seal the envelope and put it in the slot in the safe on the bottom shelf of the counter.
  • Restock the fridge, crisps, etc.
  • Empty the dustbin and put the black sack in the large bin outside in the car park. You will find the stock of black bin bags in the kitchen on the shelf opposite the sink. Please also check if the kitchen bin needs to be emptied as well and do that too.
  • If the dishwasher is on and you have glasses to be washed, stack them beside the machine to be washed next time. Or you can wash them by hand if you have time.
  • Check stock of plastic glasses on bar counter for people to take into the auditorium.
  • When closing the bar, pull cage back and lock up. Key to be handed to ???
  • If you need to get away before the bar closes, ask the Trustee or other member of the theatre to take over from you.
  • Inform the trustee of any stock required.

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