Kent Drama Association Radio Play Festival 2021

Kent Drama Association Radio Play Festival 2021



Next year’s Kent Drama Association Full-Length Play Festival has already been cancelled. The KDA Festival Committee has wisely decided that the situation is too uncertain to be able to hold a play festival involving more than 20 Kent drama groups and societies in 2021 so, to replace it, they intend to hold a Radio Play Festival with groups submitting recorded entries for adjudication over a fixed period of time during the Spring.

We are pleased to announce that we announced our intention to enter and have ask Wayne Sheridan – who cruelly missed out on honours in the festival this year for In His Wake – to adapt and direct one of his stage plays, the hilarious Sci-Fi romp, appropriately called Monster! now retitled as Monster! – The B Move So Bad They Put It on The Radio.

The show has just completed its recording sessions and has now moved onto the editing stage of production.

This hilarious radio spoof has become a real labour of love for Wayne and his production and technical teams as the continuation of lockdown over Christmas and into the New Year has meant that all the recording has had to be done remotely via Zoom. The intention had been for the actors playing bigger roles in longer scenes to be able to record together in person at the theatre, but lockdown rules have prevented this and so the whole show has been recorded on Zoom by Wayne and Mike Spencer, who leads the technical team. This has turned into a real feat of logistics as there are over 20 actors involved from as far away as South Africa, the United States and Orpington!

Competition rules mean that all entrants have to be submitted for adjudication by the 31st March 2021. During April, all the recordings will be released, probably via the Kent Drama Association website, for societies across the region to listen to. We’ll post the link on our website as soon as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, our eyes are currently focused on the 1st May which is when the adjudications and nominations will be released with a remote presentation ceremony being held on Zoom on Saturday, 22nd May 2021. You can see a full list of all 28 entries on the KDA website by clicking

And if you’d like to find out what Monster! is all about, then watch the trailer!