Our Town

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Our Town
By Thornton Wilder
Directed by Colleen Batson

Performance Dates:
22 – 26 October 2019, 8:00pm

Grover’s Corners is a picture of an American town in a time before cars became common. Neighbours are nosy, milk is delivered off a cart by a milkman and the choirmaster drinks too much.
The plays centres on two families the Webbs and the Gibbs, neighbours whose son and daughter fall in love and get married. George is the typical boy next door, caught up in baseball, and Emily is the level-headed girl who makes sure he remembers where he came from. In the second act, George and Emily are about to get married. We are taken back to the day when Emily and George first speak about their friendship over strawberry ice cream shakes.

In the Third Act we learn that Emily has died in childbirth, but she realises that she can return to her former life, she is warned it is not a good idea and through her journey back she shows us that the living may not realise just how good life actually is…


  • The Stage Manager
  • Dr Gibbs: Bayley Berryman
  • Joe Crowell: Talycin Wade
  • Howie Newsome: Monica Rutherford
  • Mrs Gibbs: Nicole Wood
  • Mrs Webb: Isla Taylor
  • George Gibbs: Sam Blake
  • Rebecca Gibbs: Sabrina Giampieri-Smith
  • Wally Webb: Talycin Wade
  • Emily Webb: Isabel Hansford
  • Mr Webb: Sam Clarke
  • Woman in the Balcony: Monica Rutherford
  • Man in Auditorium: Talycin Wade
  • Lady in Box: Sabrina Giampieri-Smith
  • Simon Stimson: Monica Rutherford
  • Mrs Forest: Talycin Wade
  • Mrs Soames: Sabrina Giampieri-Smith
  • Constable Warren: Henry Seamons
  • Si Crowell: Talycin Wade
  • Mr Morgan: Sabrina Giampieri-Smith
  • Clergyman: Henry Seamons
  • Sam Craig: Henry Seamons
  • Men in Graveyard: Cast Members
  • Joe Stoddard – Undertaker: Ewan Mould
  • The Dead: Voices from the Past: Sabrina Giampieri-Smith, Talycin Wade, Monica Rutherford