BTC Monthly Play Reading

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We are currently running monthly “virtual” play readings using Zoom. These are for adults only as not all the chosen plays are suitable for younger members. Our current plan is to run these readings every first Wednesday of the month at 8 pm until current lockdown and social distancing restrictions are lifted and theatre returns to normal – they may even go on longer than that if there is a demand for them.

The events are facilitated by Phil Cohen who, if you don’t know him, is a long-standing member of the theatre and often works with Bromley Little Theatre and South London Theatre as well. Phil also runs our Zoom socials on a Friday evening and would love you to join in with those too if you can!

Anyone is welcome to join these play reading groups – you don’t have to be a BTC member to come along – so, even if you are unfamiliar with using Zoom, don’t let this put you off as Phil would still be pleased to hear from you and will discuss how to get you set up with the Zoom program – it’s very easy once you know-how! The theatre also now has a Zoom Pro account so we have unlimited time online – useful as the readings can be of variable length!

The June play reading is actually on the second Wednesday of the month to avoid clashing with a meeting of the Beckenham Theatre Trustees. So the date for your diary is Wednesday, 9th June 2021 at 8pm.

Something a little different this time, we’ll be reading a romantic comedy horror called Valentine, The Quintessential Vampire by Peter Brammer. Please note the date – it’s the 9th June so the second Wednesday of the month due to a clash with a BTC Trustees meeting that night. We will go back to the first Wednesday of the month in July.

In this play, Valentine, a 100-year-old human-vampire hybrid, late-night florist living in Putney (yes, really!), is waiting for his full vampiric traits to kick in. He lives with his sister, Natalia, and is incredibly lonely until the bubbly Hayley wanders into his shop. Things between vampire and mortal develop quickly, much to the dissatisfaction of Natalia, who calls Valentine’s parents to deal with the situation.

As things become serious, Valentine begins to question his identity and whether Natalia’s advice is in his best interests. Can a vampire have a healthy relationship with a mortal that doesn’t end in blood being spilled? Can vampires eat garlic bread? Why is that waiter wearing a gas mask? And just how easy is it to turn into a bat? These are the questions that plague Valentine, the quintessential vampire.

If you would like to take part, please contact Phil Cohen at and a playscript and Zoom link will be flown to you overnight by Batmobile…