Festival Awards

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Beckenham Theatre has been making great theatre since 1948. We don’t do it for plaudits or awards, but we do win them quite often. Beckenham is a proud member of both the Kent Drama Association and the Bromley Theatre Guild, so we’re delighted to welcome members from other societies (whether that’s to support our productions or scope out the competition during festival season!) and our members often attend or take part in shows produced by other groups.

We also host our own annual awards, The Beatties, celebrating the amazing talent in our stable. Every year, Beckenham Theatre celebrates the incredible achievements of all the wonderful people who volunteer their time, talents and energy to help us delight and entertain the community, as we have been doing for almost 70 years.

First launched in 2004, The Beatties is a wonderful opportunity once a year to put on our gladrags and say a huge thank you on behalf of the whole membership, for another year of outstanding drama, music and laughter.

Here are some of the gongs we’ve picked up from the KDA and BTG

KDA & BTG Awards

Most Effective Use of Limited Space (KDA)

  • 2016 Winner, Farndale Murder Mystery
  • 2015 Winner, The Birthday Party

Best Play (BTG)

  • 2015 Runner up, Skellig
  • 2013 Runner Up, Flare Path

Best Director (BTG)

  • 2015 Runner up, Michael Darbon for Skellig
  • 2013 Runner up, Fleur Buckley for Flare Path

Best Lead Actress (KDA)

  • 2015 Runner up, Fleur Buckley for The Birthday Party

Best Lead Actress (BTG)

  • 2013 Runner up, Francesca Monk for Flare Path
      • 2012 Winner, Erica Thomas-Lowe for Alfie

Best Lead Actor (BTG)

  • 2014 Runner up, Simon Holland for Good
  • 2013 Winner, James Mercer for Flare Path

Best Supporting Actress (BTG)

  • 2018 Winner, Karen Peters-Parker for Comic Potential
  • 2013 Runner up, Natalie Jones for Flare Path

Best Supporting Actor (BTG)

  • 2013 Runner up, Peter Al-Sheikhli for Flare Path

Best Cameo Actress (BTG)

  • 2014 Runner up, Tania Meagher for Good
  • 2013 Winner, Margaret Glenn for Flare Path
  • 2012 Winner, Alfie

Best Cameo Actor (BTG)

  • 2018 Runner up, Tim James for Comic Potential
  • 2014 Runner up, Simon Waterfield for Good
  • 2014 Runner up, Stephen Pitt for Good
  • 2013 Runner up, Tim Harrison for Flare Path
  • 2012 Runner up, Alfie

Best Lighting (KDA)

  • 2016 Runner up, Farndale Murder Mystery

Best Lighting (BTG)

  • 2016 Runner up, Waiting for Godot
  • 2013 Winner, Flare Path

Best Sound (BTG)

  • 2015 Runner up, Skellig

Best Sound (BTG)

  • 2014 Runner up, Good

Initiative in Stage Presentation (KDA)

  • 2015 Runner up, The Birthday Party 

Best Properties (BTG)

  • 2015 Winner, Skellig

Best Costumes (BTG)

  • 2019 Winner, A Daughter’s A Daughter
  • 2015 Winner, Skellig
  • 2014 Runner up, Good

Best Set (BTG)

  • 2013 Winner, Flare Path
  • 2012 Runner up, Alfie

Best Under-21 Actress (BTG)

  • 2018 Runner up, Fifi Benham for Comic Potential
  • 2014 Winner, Megan McGery for Good

Best Under-21 Actor (BTG)

  • 2014 Runner up, Sam Napthine for Good
  • 2013 Runner up, Christy Hinchliffe for Flare Path

Lifetime Achievement Award (BTG)

  • 2017 Winner, Margaret Glenn
  • 2013 Winner, Ann Bartlett